I Can’t Do It

When you start something new it’s pretty tough right

When I finally decided to get in shape I found it
really hard to stick to

Especially as I’d already been trying for 10 years and
gotten nowhere

But I realised that all it takes is consistency

Doing what needs to be done and nothing more

It’s that simple

But that doesn’t make it easy to do

Especially when you think you have to do hours of
cardio to lose weight (which you don’t by the way)

^^^ If you do that then your gonna get bored pretty
damn quickly (trust me)

Using these emails as an example

I’ve sent an email EVERY DAY for over 3 years…

Because of that I’ve built up a team of STRONG fellas

And a couple of S T R O N G ladies

I’ve moved into online training as my confidence as a
coach grew

It was tough at the start

I was scared about what people would think

I’ve had lots of criticism (LOTS)

But that hasn’t stopped me

Because the small number of fellas who actually DO
listen to what I say have stepped up and gotten way
stronger than they could have on their own

YES I wanted to give up (almost weekly at the start)

I was worried that this wouldn’t work… why SHOULD
fellas listen to me

So I hired a coach to help me overcome these doubts and
fears (cos he’d been through it all before)

Which made me realise that it’s not just me… we ALL
have these fears when we start something new

Like you wanting to get in shape

These emails might piss you off…

You might be thinking that it’s easy for me cos it’s
what I do for a living

But I sat behind a desk for 15 years staring at a
screen (6 screens actually)

^^^ It was way more lucrative than what I do now (and
less stressful)


The buzz I get from helping guys like you makes it all
worth while…

The stories fellas tell me about how they had zero
confidence and hid it behind humour takes me back to
when I used to do that

And it makes me want to help you even more

Cos I know how hard it is (especially on your own)

Which is why I like to do things in groups

It’s why I have the ‘Secret’ community

Which you can join here

==> BKS ‘Secret’ Society

It’s free and you’ll find a bunch of fellas in there
who want to help you



p.s. If these emails do annoy you though

Then you’re gonna hate anything I do

So it’s probably best to unsubscribe

Down there




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