I Bet You’ve Done This

I’ve certainly done it

In fact I fell foul of it only this week…

See there are loads… as in millions of YouTube videos out there
which will show you how to do a particular exercise

Some of em will have folk lifting MASSIVE weights to try to
demonstrate the movement (but really masked as showing off how
much they can lift… and usually badly)

There are the odd few videos that help explain proper
technique… but nothing comes close to getting some REAL

So a couple of things happened when I was practicing a new move
this week…

1) I got it wrong (which is why I’m going away for 3 days in
November to learn from the best in the world how to get it right)

I’ve shelled out a ton of money on travel and accommodation…
not to mention the cost of the certification itself

And all because I want to do this with integrity… there’s no
point in me asking you to learn stuff from me when I don’t
actually go out there and learn for myself…

2) I posted a video of this move on Instagram and got an
‘onslaught’ of abuse…

Ok maybe onslaught is a bit strong … I got one comment from a
guy I have never met (and he was right)

And I got a private message off a trainer whom I highly respect
SHOWING me the correct technique

^^^ He did say I could tell him to ‘f*ck off’ if I wanted… but
then I know that he knows what he’s talking about so why would I
do that

See it’s ok if you get stuff wrong in the beginning… we are all
beginners at some stage

Even though I’ve been doing this stuff for years… I’m ALWAYS
learning… and this is so I can continue to help more fellas
like you no matter where you are starting from

But if you have no clue what you’re doing and follow YouTube
videos of other people who equally have zero clue then that’s
NEVER gonna end well (I know this from painful experience)

This is probably why you can never get properly in shape…
because you don’t actually know what you want to achieve…

If it’s strength you’re after so you don’t ache everywhere all of
the time

Fitness so you don’t get out of breath walking up some stairs

Weight Loss so you can feel comfortable in your clothes again

Then you’re gonna have to learn the most effective way to get
this… and if it only took a few views of a YouTube video then
wouldn’t EVERYBODY be in shape

The BKS 14 Day Zero To Hero Trial is the perfect place to start

I’ll teach you HOW to apply the principles I’ve learned over the
years so you can finally get (and STAY) in shape…

The trial starts on Monday 9 April

There are only a couple of spaces up for grabs

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