I Bet You This Works

So what does a strong dad look like?

You never know

Strong dads come in all shapes and sizes

But what they all have in common

(apart from being strong)

Is that they show up consistently

They set aside a bit of time for themselves

So they can feel better, fitter stronger

Like Dave

Here’s a video of him putting a big old weight over his
head (with ease I might add)

Dave pressing the 28kg with ease

Posted by Bath Kettlebell Society on Tuesday, 13 February 2018

(oh and that’s Claire in the background talking
about how she will be buzzing all day after her
video I showed you yesterday)

Dave did the 14 day trial back in Nov 2016

He didn’t use a bell for most of the trial because he
lacked the mobility to be able to complete the
movements safely under load

But that didn’t put him off

He trusted the process

And has built some pretty impressive strength

Not to mention endurance (which allows him to cycle
more easily than he used to)

That 28kg bell in the video looks like it’s filled with

Now we all have to start somewhere

And I’m gonna bet that you’ve been trying to get in
shape for rather a long time

^^^ If that’s the case and you still aren’t where you
want to be

Then maybe it’s time to try something a bit different

And when I say I’ll bet you I mean it


I Bet You the cost of a 14 day trial that you’ll LOVE

If you don’t

I’ll give you your money back

Are you willing to take that bet

If so

==> CLICK HERE to bet against me

^^^ This is a no risk strategy for you

You actually can’t lose



p.s. I bet I’ll win though 😉






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