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How’s THIS For A Meaningful Goal

Tricky business this goal setting malarkey

Mainly cos most of us have ZERO goals in life


When I worked in an office my ONLY goal was
to keep getting paid

And to make it to the weekend as fast as

That was it…

But here’s something Ben said to me the other

^^^ He’s one of the guys who comes to the BKS
‘live’ sessions

“I want to make my 40s my FITTEST decade”

When he said that I swelled up with pride

See I TOTALLY get it

Ben’s the same age as me (almost to the day)

And I feel fitter now at 41 than I EVER have

Which is a great feeling by the way…

But it didn’t happen over night

It’s taken me a lot of years to get here

Which is why what Ben said makes so much

He realises that he won’t just magically get
fitter and stronger in a couple of weeks

Although he is way ahead of where he was a
few short months ago

But he’s made a COMMITMENT to himself

Which is all it takes dude

So what’s your goal (if you have one)

Hit me up and tell me and I’ll do my best to
help you


p.s. Or just jump on the Free Swing

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Peter Lant

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