How Would You Describe Yourself?

Which one if these are you…

I’m gonna give you two lists to consider

When getting fitter stronger and healthier would you prefer to:


* Injuries

* Getting old before your time

* Having to buy a mobility scooter

* A plethora of illnesses including…

– Cancer

– Heart disease

– Type 2 diabetes

– Heart attack

^^^ For which you will have to take…

* A plethora of pills

Or do you look at this from the other angle?


* Being fitter

* Stronger

* Healthier

* Being able to play footy with the kids

* Walking up stairs without getting knackered

* Pulling your belt buckle in a couple of notches

* FEELING good about yourself

* Building confidence

* Ditching the mosoms (posh man boobs)

That first list is all of the things that have an increased
chance of happening if you DON’T start to get in shape now…

The second list is things that will happen if you DO start
getting in shape now

So regardless of how you cut it…

It can only be a good thing right…

So what are you gonna do about it dude?

Hit me up and tell me…



p.s. I’m still waiting

But if you’re ready to go

You can apply to be a STRONG DAD

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^^^ Which is exactly what Jake did last week…






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