How To Train Your Willpower

So I’m reading yet another book about willpower

Why is willpower so hard to maintain?

Well… if you rely on it just being there for you then that’s
not enough

You have to train it

Teach it how to get stronger

It’s the same as anything… the more you practice the better you
become at it

There’s a couple of snippets from this book that really hit home
because I used to really struggle with this stuff

And this one stood out

“Your present self wants one thing but your future self would be
better off if you did something else”

This can be applied to a LOT of things… but let us use health
as an example

It’s really easy to take the unhealthy route towards instant
gratification and have the extra beer, piece of cake, chocolate,
ice cream

Whatever your vice is…

But that INSTANT doesn’t last very long… leaving you feeling
guilty and dare I say a bit stupid for slipping yet again

Once this happens a few times… then what the hell… you have
lost all of your willpower

This is when you give up

I did this pretty much EVERY week for the whole of my ‘adult’

^^^ I say ‘adult’ in this way to be ironic… in case you hadn’t

Cos as an adult I SHOULD be able to see the difference between
what’s gonna benefit me long term and what’s not

So why do we choose the unhealthy path when we know it is likely
to cause problems in the future?

Are you gonna leave it until diabetes kicks in before you do
something (assuming it hasn’t already)

Maybe a heart-attack will do it

These are all REAL risks associated with being over-weight or
obese yet still we are dealing with a crisis

A crisis that I want to do my small part in fixing

Which is why I want to help you train your willpower so you NEVER
give up (even when it feels like you can’t carry on)

ALL of the folk I work with have wanted to give up at some point
but I have helped them through this TEMPORARY blip

And on the other side of it they feel they have a much stronger
will to succeed than before


As an example…

The next time someone brings in cakes or biscuits to work for
their birthday and you know you probably shouldn’t indulge

Just close your eyes and take 5 DEEP breaths (and count them in
your head)

Let the craving pass…

If it doesn’t… do it again until it does

And it will

Congratulations… you’ve just taken your first step to training
your willpower to be stronger

If this DOESN’T work for you then don’t worry

You’re not alone

MOST of the fellas I work with struggle with this

Which is why the STRONG DAD Online Program is so effective

It’s not just about lifting a few weights (which will get you
physically stronger… and in great shape I might add)

It’s also about forging an IRON WILL so you don’t give up at the
first hurdle

And if you talk to as many fellas as I do about this you’ll
realise that this is VERY common

Unfortunately I can’t help everyone (I wish I could but that
would dilute my attention)

And the STRONG DAD Online Program is all about creating
powerhouses in both Physical and Mental strength

So I have to be sure you’re ready

If you think you are

==> Apply to be a STRONG DAD



p.s. If you don’t think you’re quite ready yet then that’s cool

I’m gonna be around for a LONG WHILE

So just hit me up when you are…






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