How Much Should You Eat?

Can you eat this and still get in shape?…

🍕You see trainers posting pictures of Pizza Burgers
Chips Tubs of Ice Cream… basically a load of
‘unhealthy’ food that they use to ‘prove’ you can still
get in shape while eating crap…


^^^ Which is true by the way…

📋What they don’t show you (or tell you about) is how
closely they follow their nutrition to allow for these
splurges (great word)


I don’t usually post pics of food but this was my
breakfast this morning…


😎What you don’t see is that I had this at 11.30am ….
I will have some yoghurt berries and nuts this
afternoon… and dinner at around 8pm will be lean
protein and vegetables (all cooked up with herbs and
spices so not to be bland and boring)


Then I won’t eat again until tomorrow…

🤸‍♂️This way I get to eat big old meals (cos I’m not
very good at portion control) while maintaining my
‘in-shapeness’ (which is a matter of opinion but that’s
for another time)


🍻This coupled with the odd Beer, Glass of Wine, Spiced
Rum… (not for breakfast by the way… not on a
Tuesday)… allows me to stay within my maintenance
calories for the week so I can splash out if I want to
on crisps pizza and cheesecake (which happens less
frequently than it used to since cooking from scratch
with herbs and spices means I don’t crave salty sugary
ready meals)


🍰But I LOVE cheesecake… 😍


Everyone is different but this works for me… it also
means I can go for long periods without food if I feel
the need to…. or am forced to (see my train post from

What works for you?


p.s. Seriously… let me know and I’ll help you out 🙂

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