How Long Does It Take?

Be afraid

VERY afraid…

What fillum is that from?

^^^ and it’s not Aliens (unlucky)


Fear is a funny thing

You may not ‘feel’ it

But it will be there…

It’s why we’re all obsessed with losing
weight and getting fitter…



Rather than making it part of every day life

Let me explain

ANYTHING that requires long-term growth gives
us the feeling of fear


^^^ Glad you asked that dude

It’s because you cannot see the outcome
(whatever that may be)

It seems so far from where you’re at right
now that you don’t see any point in starting

Which is why these quick fix

Fad diets

Are all the rage

You just drink juice for a month

And guess what

You lose weight

^^^ Clever concept that

You also have the wateriest of stools too

While constantly feeling tired and depressed

Exhausted even…

But that’s cool

Cos you can see the finish line

So it’s waaay easier to grit your teeth and
make it to the bitter end…

Which is when you just wanna end it all

So you grab a few pizzas cos you earned em…

And you’re right back where you started


^^^ This is the killer of growth my man

You already know this though cos you’ve
probably been chasing it most of your life

Without really noticing it…

So I want to PROVE to you that overcoming you
fear of starting something new

(something that you may not be comfortable

That you KNOW works but don’t know how that
will apply to you

I want to SHOW you how to start out

So you crush that fear fast

Meaning you never have to starve yourself

It’s all right here for you dude

All you got to do is sign up

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CLICK HERE to get your FREE blueprint so you can start getting stronger TODAY





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