How Do I Join?

I’m gonna let you into a likkle secret my man

Those last few emails…

Would have right royally pissed me off a
couple of years back

I would have found it hard to read them let
alone actually write them

(and have the balls to send them to you)

So what happened?


I was called out by someone…

A Man

By the name of Paul Mort

He told me pretty much the same thing…

‘Own’ your own shit and quit whining

^^^ He didn’t actually put it as nicely as

But it had the right effect

See I was stressed out trying to forge ahead
in an industry I knew VERY little about

I was looking at what everyone else was doing
(and trying to do the same)

Which got me absolutely nowhere

So I listened to what Paul had to say…

Hired him as my coach

And started to make a few changes…

The first one was to stop bullshitting myself

I was blaming everyone but myself for my

And until I owned up to this I was completely

It’s probably the same for you dude

You want to lose some weight

Get stronger


Be more healthy so you can be around for your
kids when they get older

Which is why you joined a gym and pretty much
do what everyone else is doing

And when you look around is doing NO-ONE
any favours

Frustrating innit…

That’s why me and the fellas here at BKS do
things differently

We don’t follow the crowd

We just focus on one thing…

And that’s to get YOU results

Simple. As. That…

So if you want in…

Rather than keep asking yourself

“How do I go about this”

Just do it…

Right here v v v

CLICK HERE to get your FREE blueprint so you can start getting stronger TODAY


p.s. Nowt here today…

Just do it

CLICK HERE to get your FREE blueprint so you can start getting stronger TODAY





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