Hey… You There

I get stopped a LOT…

People seem to be recognising the BKS logo
(which is good)…

But usually it’s to ‘pick my brains’

Happened on Thursday…

A fella asked if I could help him…

He had a stroke 8 years ago (at the age of
35) and wanted to build some strength…

After his stroke he couldn’t walk or talk

He gave up on life

Until his mum kicked him up the arse and told
him to sort himself out…

(which is EXACTLY what most of us need

So this fella learned to talk again…

He learned to walk with the aid of a walker
that he can sit on when he gets tired…

He has an allotment that he works on

He carries a weight around the house
sometimes to help him build strength…

So could I help him?

Absolutely I could

But he was already helping himself (so I told
him to just crack on with that)…

His commitment and consistency to getting
better is why he’s made life saving progress

Which is why it’s such a big part of the
culture here at BKS

It’s why the fellas get such great results

Cos they show up…

Are you gonna do the same?

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p.s. You can keep hiding if you like dude…

If you think that’ll get you results like the
fellas have been experiencing




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