He’s Back After Waiting For 2 Years

Time’s running out my friend

It’s Monday again and you STILL haven’t

This all comes from a comment on a Farcebook
post the other week

A guy was tagged by his mate saying BKS is
exactly what he’s been looking for

Thing is though

I spoke to this guy over 2 years ago…

I invited him along…

He never turned up…

Unsubscribed from everything I put out there

And that was that

Until now…

He’s back

And clearly still looking for something


to help him out of a hole

That’s 2 YEARS of searching when it’s staring
him right in the face

Only he’s still gonna make all the excuses
under the sun as to why now isn’t the right

So what about YOU dude…

Is now the right time?

Or are you gonna wait another couple of years
before you might or might not show up?


Time is something we all have the same amount

But we all use VERY differently

So how do you use yours?

^^^ And are you prepared to use some of it to
get hold of your health and fitness?

Which will actually give you MORE time (by
adding years to your life)

And not the shitty years where you sit in a
corner and moan…

But the years where you can keep up with your
grandkids (which you have no chance of doing
if you can’t keep up with your kids right

It’s not too late my friend…

And quite frankly it never will be

But you know it’s always better to start
sooner rather than later right

And you can do that right here v v v

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p.s. Or you could just go buy a car to make
you feel better



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