Here’s The Good News

Last night I held a FREE online training

Called a ‘webinar’

You probably heard about it

(I did email you several times yesterday)

If not?

You missed out

Or at least that’s what I’ve been led to

Based upon the feedback I got

(Apparently it was quite good)

However, like all LIVE events, it wasn’t
without it’s problems

And it looks like quite a few people couldn’t
register for the webinar once it went live

Unfortunately, because I never record my FREE

I don’t have a repay to share either

That’s the bad news

The good news?

TOMORROW night I’m gonna host the exact same
webinar all over again

(An ‘encore’ if you will)

If you DID miss out on last night’s event

Or you just want to sit through the entire
thing again

All you need to do, is click the link below

And I’ll save you a seat


p.s. If you DIDN’T attend last night’s

And you have absolutely NO intention of
attending tomorrow’s either

There’s probably NOT much point in you
getting these emails

(Unless of course you’ve got a very good
reason for not attending)

The unsubscribe link is below





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