He Signed A 9000 Year Lease

I was in Dublin over Easter

I had the BEST pint of Guinness I’ve ever had (actually several)

And some decent Irish Whiskey (which I know nothing about)

But the Guinness story is pretty damn special…

This was a guy who signed a 9000 year lease on a building so he
could make beer (plenty of new breweries popping up these days
but I don’t know of any with balls as big as that)

Now this Guinness fella could brew anything he liked… and he
did for a while

But after a few years he decided to brew ONLY porter (dark beer
for the non initiated)

And to cut a long story short… he did rather well out of it

EVERYONE knows what Guinness is

But this didn’t happen over night… it’s only taken 250 years to
get to where they are now

And if you get a chance to go to Dublin and go around the
Storehouse then I can highly recommend it (I couldn’t quite get
my head around how massive this is)

Good things come to those who wait

^^^ You may have heard that one before

It’s how we work here at BKS

Yep I can get you FAST results… but if you want to make them
sustainable so you can enjoy your twilight years still frolicking
around like a teenager

Then you’re gonna have to take a longer view…

Kinda like Mr Guinness

He could have tried to make a quick buck… but the Guinness
brand wouldn’t be part of everyday life

When he started out he obviously had a clear vision of what he
wanted … and he got it

So if you want to be stronger, fitter, faster

And injury free

Then it’s probably best to think about what that looks and feels

And what you have to do to get it


I could help you with that and save you a ton of time (like
YEARS) of trial and error

By teaching you what I’ve learned over the years so you don’t
waste any more time

And guess what…

You’ll even still be able to drink Guinness while losing weight

The BKS 14 Day Zero To Hero Trial isn’t quite full yet (almost
but not quite)

It’s 2 weeks out of your life (nowhere near 9000 years)

So it’s time to decide whether you want to gamble and see if this
is for you or not

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p.s. Anyone else a bit parched…





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