Have You Heard This One?

Why is s e x like a bank account…

Cos when you withdraw you lose interest


Kinda like your fitness when you think about

So with a bank account…

You put in money

Save it up

Get interest on your savings

And when you need it

Its right there for you…

But what if you don’t save up?

What if you go overdrawn?

Well that’s a totally different story innit

The bank get nasty and start charging you

Which they then take from the money you
haven’t got in the account

Making things worse…


It’s kinda like your body

Keep on making withdrawals and you’re gonna
end up having to declare yourself bankrupt…

Except with finance you can write it off…

Can’t do that with your health though dude…

A ‘bankrupt’ body is way worse than anything
a bank can throw at you…

So here’s what I’m gonna ask you to do

Start making small deposits

Every day

Go for a walk

Do some gardening

Have sex with the missus

All stuff that’ll get you moving

Then when your body pays you interest

You can start to make bigger deposits

And grow your (w)Health

Don’t know where to start?

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I’ll show you everything you need to know

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bankrupt now

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