Harsh Words

I Get It…

If I’d have listened to my family and friends I’d be back working
in an office (which I hated)

They all thought I was nuts training a bunch of fellas in a park
(and I get why… it does sound a bit daft when I think about it)

But I LOVE it (you may have noticed)

Helping other people feel like I did when I got in shape (not
BACK in shape… cos I never was IN shape as a kid)

It gives me a buzz So when I see someone make a comment that has
the potential to STOP someone from progressing I get concerned
It’s happened a few times recently with folk here at BKS

When I posted something the other day there was a comment
suggesting it may be a bit too much

^^^ And I get it

What the person in the video achieved was AWESOME … but to some
it may look excessive Here’s the thing though I don’t ask people
to do stuff they’re not capable of

Sometimes I’ll ask people if they want to test themselves… if
they say ‘yes’… then game on… we don’t do this all of the
time (because that WOULD be excessive)

But every now and then it’s good to test just how far you’ve come

The same happened with another one of the crew A nice little
comment from their mum…

After losing over 3 1/2 Stone mum said

“Well you still have a long way to go”


It’s comments like that… They’re hard to ignore (especially
when you’re doing this on your own)

It all comes down to this…

— Other people judge YOUR progress by THEIR OWN limitations… —

^^^ Read that again

When other people see YOU do something that they couldn’t
possibly imagine themselves doing they will automatically try to
justify it to themselves

Not necessarily maliciously… it’s just a defence mechanism we
humans have to keep ourselves safe It keeps us from having to
challenge ourselves because we no longer need to

You may have even found yourself doing something similar (which
isn’t a nice thing to hear but it’s probably true if you think
about it)

“At least I’m not as fat as so and so at work”

“Can you imagine not being able to walk up a flight of stairs…
glad I’m ok”

These are the thoughts we use to justify why we don’t need to get
back in shape… Cos it could be worse (I know right… IT COULD

I have these thoughts a lot myself … And it makes me feel bad

Which is why I constantly question them so I don’t get sucked
back into a world of lethargy (from whence I came)

It’s not about WHO you are better or worse off than…

It’s about YOU How can you improve yourself TODAY?

What will make you feel like you made a positive impression on
the world around you?



p.s. Nothing here today as I think there’s plenty to be thinking
about 🙂






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