Half Price Training [Invite Inside]

I thought I’d share some feedback with you

And not the ‘feedback’ I was talking about yesterday

Someone actually unsubscribed yesterday telling me my
emails were annoying (the irony eh)


I asked the current members of BKS why they chose to
train with us

And here’s what they had to say

“Total 100% professional training. Excellent varied
training programs. Tried many other things like gym,
running, cycling but this is the best way to get fit in
Bath with sound people and consist professional

“Your knowledge is exceptional. Dedication is wonderful
and you are a bloody good laugh”

“Your patience, dedication, honesty and knowledge.”

“Recommendation by a friend who lost a huge amount of
weight .”

“Great recommendations & after having the trial I felt
so supported, had fun!! & saw results really quickly.”

“You are credible and have proven results from someone
I know. I could see the difference and from the first
contact with BKS it was very friendly, professional and
easy to understand. The icing on the cake being the
instant support via Facebook as and when needed”

“your enthusiasm was obvious from the start, sessions
that fitted with work and kettlebells looked
interesting not boring gym equipment that i’ve no idea
how to use.”

“You offered a personal trainer service in a group
environment. You placed my general health and wellbeing
over the usual ‘get ripped quick’ advertisements.”

“Flexibility to train at home. Knowledge and
experience of Peter as a trainer. The realistic
nutrition information provided.”

So you might say these are some happy customers

And if you want to be one of em

I have an invite coming your way THIS SUNDAY

But first I am showing it to the people in the ‘Secret’

CLICK HERE => to see the invite to work with me online

So if you want to be in with a chance of working with
me online

The secret group is the best place to be to make sure
you secure one of the spots available

Otherwise you’re gonna have to wait a few months

CLICK HERE => to get access to the Secret group


p.s. If you’re happy to just read about the results
people are getting on my program

AND how much fun they are having at the same time

That’s cool





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