Had Enough Yet?

What will trigger you to get in shape?

For me it was several things…

1) This photo… it’s from when I was 30 and hitting the gym as
hard as I could… which clearly wasn’t having the effect I was

2) My dad dying of cancer in 2004 at the age of 65… he smoked
for 40 years (started when he was 5 years old)… he was
overweight and out of shape (yet hugely strong due to not sitting
at a desk all day)… but after retiring he just seemed to give
up… and that’s not what I want to happen to me

3) When I started to sweat in 14 degree heat… not a good look

4) When I struggled to put my socks on without having to brace
and hold my breath cos my gut got in the way… let alone do it
standing up

5) After several half marathons which left my left hip feeling
like something was gonna snap… and hating every minute of

6) Being weak my whole life…..

7) Finally finding something I actually enjoy doing and sticking
to it (I’m world class at giving stuff up)… except drinking
Real Ale…. and cheesecake… oh man I just loooooove the

These things were always there but it took an accumulation of all
of the above (and some others that I will have forgotten) until I
finally realised I had to do something before I became wizened
old man…



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