Grinding Nemo

Seen any good fillums lately?

^^^ That’s how we say it from the north by the way…


Have you SEEN the size of cinema vestibule areas (is
that what they’re called) these days

I remember when it used to be just a shelf of sweets
next to the 90 year old lady who sold the tickets (at

^^^ Or was that just the West Jesmond Cinema in
Newcastle (which is now flats)

Whereas now they’re mahoosive…

And the one close to me had the great idea of selling
the tickets at the food counter…


So I get stuck behind people trying to decide whether
they want a pink or blue slushie with their plate of
nachos (with questionable cheese on it)

When all I want is my ticket

And because I have a monthly membreship I can’t use the
self serve machines (grrr)

So last week when I went to watch Shape Of Water

(Or Grinding Nemo)… as it should have been called

I had the pleasure of watching a couple choose a
huuuuuuge amount of ‘food’ to plough through while
watching the trailers…

It took ages…

And when they FINIALLY finished deciding the guy behind
the counter told them they could supersize for 25p
extra with some deal or whatever that was on at the

So obviously they did…

Which took even longer cos he had to void everything
and start again…

Now this was a LOT of food… and it cost em something
like £40 in total…

^^^ Just for the two of them to go to the flicks…

This is why I get a bit dumbfounded when people tell me
they were considering doing one of my programs

^^^ But were put off by the price…

Now you may not go to the pictures a lot… but there
will be something that you spend a lot of time and
money on that you probably could do without…

And spend it on a few hours getting fitter stronger and

Have a think dude

Seriously… add up what you spend over a month on

See where you can find a few quid

Then jump on the STRONG DAD program when I release it

Keep your eyes open for that one

In the meantime…

Here’s a link to the BKS Inner Circle (which you can
join any time)




p.s. Tonya Harding’s Mum was a nutter by the way…





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