Got A Minute?

Celebrities do it

I’ve done it

You’ve probably done it

Your kids may well do it…

And that’s a fact of life

But it doesn’t matter what form it takes…

We’re all trying to do the same thing

Which is numb the pain

Whatever type it is

Cos when we go out boozing

Or snorting lines

Smoking weed

Taking prescription pain killers

All we’re trying to do is stop the pain

Have a think about it dude

ALL of these things are a form of sedation

So we can temporarily ‘switch off’

When the actual cause of the problem is still

You just can’t feel it anymore

Until the pain comes back again

^^^ Which always happens right

And there are side effects too

Which make this even worse

When all you actually need to do is

— > Get to the root of the problem

Like losing weight

It’s not about that

It’s about how that makes you FEEL

About the example it shows to your kids

It shows how you feel about yourself

You actually care enough to do something
about it

Cos if you don’t care about yourself how can
anyone expect you to care about them

Seriously dude

If you want the pain to stop


Then you got to crush that Ma’Fkr

Which is EXACTLY what you can do on my

6 Week Online Lard Buster

YES you’ll lose a stone

And YES you’ll FEEL better

But I’ll also show you how to take that into
the future

So you don’t give it all up at the end

And actually KEEP getting fitter and stronger

SHOWING your kids that you’re the dad you
want them to have

So you got a choice

Ignore me and keep sedating


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p.s. If you think I’m full of shit

Or if you’re reading this in the pub after a
few cheeky beers and it makes no sense

Then you’re probably not the person I would
work well with

No hard feelings though dude

Not everyone is ready for this type of help

And I get that

Cos I used to be like that

And I definitely would have unsubscribed by

Down there





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