The Good Ol’ Days

Remember the good ol’ days

Back in the early 90s

Oasis and Blur were battling it out for the top of the

Raves in forests were a thing

Alcopops appeared on the scene

Only Fools And Horses ended with Del Boy and Rodney
becoming millionaires

^^^ Then they dragged it back onto our screens again
for a few too many more specials

And you were probably at Uni or college or starting
your first job

Exciting times

A whole wealth of opportunity in front of you

Or maybe you just did what I did and got pissed as much
as possible

Buying Winfield Blue cigarettes cos they were cheap but

Or maybe even Camel Lights

Yep those 10 years from 1994 are a bit of a haze for me

By late 2003 I decided I needed to get in shape cos I
was getting old (at 26)

So I started going to the gym (in 2004… had to wait for the new year)

I remember my first session

I did 8 minutes on the rowing machine at full pelt and
nearly threw up

^^^ I was nowhere near as fit as I thought I was (and I
didn’t think I was that fit)

I felt light headed and had a sort of cold sweat…

I had to lie down for about 10 minutes (longer than I
had ‘worked out’)

Then I left with my tail between my legs

This was my intro to the next 10 years of trying
anything to manage my weight (while drinking loads and
eating crap)

It was a bit of a lesson in futility

So at the age of 36 (which I now thought was old… and
thinking that at 26 I was an idiot)

I decided to really learn HOW to get in shape without
it killing me

The fact that I have NEVER been fit or strong made it
even harder

Because I had no real base level of fitness to work

I was a TOTAL beginner

But that also helped because I started right from the
beginning with the basics

Now 5 years later I am the fittest, strongest,
healthiest I have EVER been

And at the age of 41 I don’t feel old

(I felt older at 26)

See it’s not about how old you ARE

It’s about what you do about your health RIGHT NOW

This will determine what OLD means to you in the future

You see 80 year olds who are like spring chickens

While 40, 50 and 60 year olds are winding down their
lives in preparation for old age

I find that tragic

Especially since this used to be me (until I actually
got off my arse and decided to reclaim my lost youth)

Now a couple of the fellas on the S T R O N G -> Dad
program are in the same boat as I was

There are a couple of things they are struggling with

But as one of them said to me (and the other fellas on
the program Via the S T R O N G -> Dad WhatsApp group)

“Got really frustrated earlier… Got some perspective
now. If I could already do it, I wouldn’t need the

I love that

This is someone who has realised that something NEEDS
to be done to get his health and fitness back

Rather than just ‘settling’ with where he is at right

So if you want to join him

And the other fellas

So you can support each other throughout the program

Just apply below

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