Going…. Going…. Gone

There’s not long left

To apply for my S T R O N G -> Dad online program

The fellas on it have already got their programs

They’re raring to go

Now this program will be split into three levels in

S T R O N G -> Dad

SupeR S T R O N G -> Dad



^^^ The prices for these programs will be based on the
features you get for each one

Needless to say the ULTIMATE package will be just

Which is why I want to tell you what it includes


– Initial Skype assessment so you can tell me what your
goals are and we can create a path for you to achieve

– Movement Screen where you will perform a couple of
simple movements so I can see where you are at with
your fitness to design your program accordingly

– Personalised program design based on your movement
screen so you get stronger and fitter WITHOUT getting

– Video review where you can check your technique and I
will help you with any issues

– 2 x Skype calls per month so we can help you
overcome any issues that may arise and overcome them

– Access to my Online Nutrition System which is backed
up by a clinical dietician

– Weekly accountability where I will answer any
questions or concerns you have about your program and
adjust accordingly

– Access to the ULTIMATE S T R O N G -> Dad WhatsApp
group where you can share your success with the other
guys on the program and support each other through your
struggles (working as a team) and get further help from

– Access to the BKS S T R O N G -> Dad app so you can
still view the extensive video library and record your
progress from any device anywhere (even when you have
no WiFi)

^^^ And those are just the bits I can remember off the
top of my head

You get ALL of this at a whopping 70% discount

But that’s not the best bit

If you complete the program but aren’t happy with your

I’ll refund you every penny

^^^ Not many people have the confidence in their
programs to offer you this

But since I want you to succeed I am willing to take
all of the risk

^^^ That and I know this program works cos it’s PROVEN
to (did you see the picture of Paul Hurley who lost 8
stone and is running a marathon this year)

Now if all of that doesn’t sound good enough then maybe
this program isn’t for you

And I get that

Not everyone is ready for this level of accountability

But if you are ready

If you’ve been trying for years without actually
getting in shape

Then this is the program for you

So don’t hang about as the 70% discount closes at noon

So you have less than 24 hours to apply

Which you do by hitting the link below

==> APPLY for your 70% discounted ULTIMATE S T R O N G
-> Dad Online Program


p.s. Wowsers






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