Go On…. Give Em A Squeeze

Do you wanna get your hands on my buns of steel?

^^^ You could crack walnuts with my Butt Cheeks

Although I’ve never really tried

Cos they’d probably taste awful


Where do my buns of steel come from?

well… it’s due to the amount of kettlebell swings I

See this ONE exercise has a LUDICROUS amount of

Some of which are conveniently listed here:

-> You get buns of steel (did I mention this one

-> Lard will fall off you as if you were made of teflon

-> A 10 Minute (or less) workout can have more impact
than A WHOLE HOUR in the gym

^^^ And handily for you there’s a ’10 Minute Or Less’
section in the book with 33 time saving workouts

-> You will get stronger which will just make you an
all round better Human (and harder to kill)

-> You increase your fitness as well as stamina (so you
don’t bust a lung walking up the stairs)

-> If you’re a beginner you can start with the
‘Practice’ section to build your confidence (and

-> If you’re already well versed in the ‘Art’ of
kettlebells then the LUNGBUSTER section will show you
who’s boss (hint: it’s ALWAYS the bell)

-> If you’re a runner it will help you run faster

-> If you’re NOT… It will help you run faster

-> The 300 Swings section will SHOW you how you can get
a HUGE variety of workouts from just a couple of simple

^^^ While whipping you RIGHT INTO SHAPE in the bargain
(as in FOR FREE)

There’s even a section for when you’re not in a hurry

Just so you get the MAXIMUM effect (still with only 20
mins of SWEAT)

I think that just about covers it

Oh who am I kidding…

There’s LOADS more but I just can’t be arsed to type

You’ll just have to get your mits on the book and see
for yourself…

It comes out at 5pm TODAY

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p.s. I’m starting a series of small challenges that
will start EVERY MONDAY

So if you want to make sure you don’t give up…


Then you’re gonna need this book to join in…

The FIRST one starts on Monday 18 December

Cos I don’t want you to give up for Christmas

Like everyone else already has







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