Getting Shatbrassed Might Help?

If you were kinda

Sort of


Just thinking about it

Then what’s holding you up?

Reason I’m asking?

Well there’s this fella

One of the guys who’s about to finish the 2
week trial with BKS

And he’s interested in Bulletproof Mindset

He’s in the group

Which is here

But he’s busy on 8 April

He’s supposed to be out for a few beers with
a mate

Which is cool

But at the same time

This could be the day

The ONE day

That changes his whole world

Especially as he’s about to set up his own
business so will need a Bulletproof Mindset

So I asked him to consider this…

Will a couple of beers with is mate help

Now I already know the answer is probably not

Unless his mate’s gonna chuck a massive
investment his way (which isn’t the case)

And the event finishes at 4pm (plenty of time
for a drink afterwards)

But I get it dude

You may not value this stuff as much as me

And the guys on the Bulletproof program

So here’s a question

How much time are you gonna spend in the next
couple of weeks working on getting EXACTLY
what you want

Getting fitter

Getting stronger

Improving your relationships with your family
and friends

Creating space and time to take stock of
where you’re at right now?

— > Will you spend ANY time on this?

Or will you just continue to chase your tail
trying to spin as many plates as you can?

Cos in my experience dude

VERY FEW fellas actually think about this

Which is why I’m inviting you to spend a day
on it

Just one day

With no distractions so you can FOCUS on what
YOU want

Cos I’m willing to bet my bollocks that it’ll
completely change your game

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