Gain Strength In Just FIVE Minutes

Here’s a thing I’ve been getting the fellas
here at BKS to do…

And it’s already throwing up some interesting

It’s super simple

Only takes 5 mins

And all you need is the ground…

^^^ So no excuses my friend…

Unless you live in space (which you don’t)

So here goes…

Take your shoes and socks off

And spend 5 minutes on the floor

You’re not allowed to lie down

Just find a comfortable position and spend 5
minutes there

^^^ How comfy was it at the end?…

Did you get any muscle cramps?

If not … and you could have spent all day

Then that’s cool…

Start using the floor instead of a chair

If you did get some cramps then this is
probably a muscle that’s overworking and
isn’t very happy about that…

^^^ So imagine what it’s like when you’re
standing up…

It’s gonna be seriously pissed off and go on

But that’s ok…

You can just stop moving right (it’s
overrated anyway)

Oh hang on

What happens when you need to carry some

Or one of the kids wants to ride on your

That’s cool though

Cos you can always give em a ride on your
mobility scooter in a few years time…

^^^ I know I know

Bit dramatic that

But unfortunately for us all

We are moving less and less

Which is causing huge problems for

Especially the NHS

So if you find yourself whinging about the
strain the government put on our free health

Think about your part in it…

And get moving

Need help?

It’s all right here for you dude

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p.s. MOVE….





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