From The Brink Of Death

Over the years I’ve seen it all…

I’ve listened to hundreds of fellas make excuses about why it’s
harder for them to get in shape than ANYONE else…

Why it’s different for them due to being genetically pre-disposed
to being over weight (or some other such twaddle)

So I thought I’d give you some examples of the fellas whom I HAVE
helped and who WERE different

I’ve worked with fellas who’ve had heart attacks and were told by
their doctor to lose weight

Fellas who’ve had strokes due to the burn-out lifestyle

Blokes who seriously lack confidence and shy away at home not
seeing their friends and family because they are ashamed of how
they look

I’ve worked with reformed alcoholics (who TOTALLY get what this
is all about by the way)

^^^ Mainly cos they’ve been to the depths of themselves and know
what it feels like… and NEVER want to feel that way again

Which is a daily struggle

I’ve also clearly worked with food addicts… which is most of
the population by the way

I even took one fella from taking TWELVE PILLS PER DAY prescribed
by a doctor


High Blood Pressure Meds

And a few others

He went from TWELVE down to ONLY ONE…

^^^ That’s huge if you are struggling to grasp the complete
change in health and lifestyle this brings about…

I’ve helped tons of fellas lose a stone or more…

The record so far is 8 Stone Weight loss by a fella who LOVES his

All of these are obstacles that these guys could have used to
prevent them from making a positive change

And maybe you are using some of these right now… in which case
I can help you

Hopefully though… you’re not quite at these stages yet

If you’re nowhere near then you may be able to see that the
excuses you are making are minuscule compared to this stuff

And if I could help these guys then it should be way easier for

So what’s stopping you dude?

==> Apply to be a STRONG DAD and finally get back in shape



p.s. Tomorrow’s words of wisdom will show you how simple this is

Cos after all… less is more right 🙂






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