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“I just want a little routine that so I can switch off and get on
with it”

That has been said to me a lot over the years… which is
probably why folk end up finding exercise gets boring after a few

There’s a few things wrong with this approach:

1) It’ll work for 4-6 weeks then progress will stall so you’ll
get frustrated and give up

2) You’ll get bored before the progress stalls… give it a
couple more weeks… then give up

3) If you’re gonna chuck weights around and ‘switch off’ while
doing it you’re gonna hurt yourself (when lifting weights you
need to be focused otherwise you’re just going through the
motions which isn’t conducive to progress)

4) If you want to get fit and ‘switch off’ at the same time… GO

I think most folk see circuits classes and just want to replicate
them on their own… which is understandable

Why should you pay a fiver a class to just be told to jump up and
down fast for 45 seconds then take 15 seconds rest… you can do
that on your own

That’s why at BKS a ‘circuits’ session looks a bit different…
I’ve been asked before if we do HIIT training or Circuits… or any
other gimmicky type of training that has actually been going
since the dawn of time but has just been given a Brand Name and
sold to the masses as the latest innovation

So when people ask me the answer is always yes… but it depends
on your goal

If your goal is to get HELLA STRONG then beasting yourself doing
HIIT training isn’t gonna get you there

YES it’ll get you sweaty and may even make you feel good (once
the feeling of nausea has passed)… but that’ll disappear when
you start to ache everywhere and can’t bend down to tie your

So I though I would furnish you with the BKS approach to circuit
training (or as I like to call it… the sensible way)

And I’ve done it through the medium of video

Do you do circuits?…Here's what a circuit session at BKS looks like…Min 1 – 5 Double CleansMin 2 – 10 SA…

Posted by Peter Lant on Friday, 23 March 2018

Feel free to copy this session for your own benefit… it’s a
free workout for you that you can apply to the first sentence of
this email

Here’s a few little pointers to help you out

1) This session starts out pretty easy but will get progressively
harder without burning you out (so don’t be tempted to ‘Add’ to
it… it will be enough)

2) The minutes will pass slowly to start but by then end they
will fly by

3) Good form throughout each exercise will get you stronger (so
use weights that feel challenging yet achievable)… note that
Bonny on the end is doing something slightly different…. this
is because it was enough for her on this day… and will help her
progress to using both bells in the future… little and often
over the long haul wins every time

If you like the look of this session then you’ll LOVE what we do
here at BKS

So if you wanna get involved and start chucking around double
24kg bells like the guys in the video (Who all started from
scratch by the way)

You can join the 14 day trial starting on Mon 9 April

==> Join the BKS 14 day trial



p.s. The least that will happen is you leave the 14 day trial
armed with a bunch of ‘routines’ that you can do forever

^^^ Good value that even if I do say so myself




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