Fk You Gym (I’m Done)

dad bod challenge

I thought I'd try out a new gym yesterday and it was a commercial gym (shock horror)

You may have realised that commercial gyms are my nemesis ... I can't stand the places... but since I hadn't been to one for a few years I thought I should probably see if my hatred was well founded...

And I wasn't disappointed... well I was.. by the gym... which means I was right in the first place... if you get my drift


I popped in there on Tuesday to have a look around... a young chap opened the door and greeted me... I had a quick gander and then made an appointment for 8am the following morning to take it for a test spin (so to speak)

Yesterday morning I arrived there at 8am on the dot (as I'm a stickler for punctuality) and the door was locked... there wasn't a member of staff in sight...

I rang the bell... no answer

Now this gym is a 24 hr place where you get a fob to let you in so there were people in there working out and little old me standing outside in the cold... not metaphorically either... there was a brass monkey across the road crying his eyes out

After about 10 mins the cleaner let me in... 

"I made an appointment with Chip" I said... that may have been his name, I can't remember

"Oh he's always late" said the cleaner ... as if that's the normal thing that happens when you make an arrangement to meet a potential new customer

She said I could wait for him but I just sauntered over to the weights area and started to do some deadlifts

A few minutes later a young lady asked if she could use the squat rack in front of me... "Of course"

I carried on (in the meantime 'Chip' had arrived for work yet didn't even have the decency to come and talk to me)

It was then that he came over to the young lady in front and they started having a laugh together (which I wouldn't usually have a problem with) but this was about 3 feet in front of where I was deadlifting and I was trying to concentrate

She was also trying to squat a heavy weight and instead of helping her he just stood looking at his phone while she missed the lift and the weights made a right clatter... And I thought he was there for everyone's safety...

It went on... and on... and on... they were having a great old time

To the point where I put the weights away and left.. 'Chip' saw me go yet didn't say goodbye or even acknowledge my existence

It was later pointed out to me by a former member of BKS that on the pictures of the staff on the window outside they are all 'Sales Consultants'... which is exactly who you go to when you need help getting Fitter & Stronger innit...

Thanks Darren... I'll tell you a bit more about what else he said tomorrow...

But for now I want to make sure that you never have to go through this nightmare yourself (if you haven't already) as it was quite possibly the worst customer service I have ever experienced...

I want to show you that you don't need a commercial gym to get back in shape (in fact they are the worst places due to all the distractions)

As a bloke in your 40s you want to get in - get done - get out... you have commitments in your life so you need to use your time wisely

Which is why I put together my Ditch the Dad Bod 28 Day Challenge

Where you get to workout when YOU want to ... and you don't even need a gym membership (you can do this at home)... all you need is a kettlebell and the willingness to wield it with gusto

This is only open to 10 fellas and you will all be keeping each other accountable throughout the challenge

It'll save you from having to meet 'Chip'... I think he had herpes too (probably from the stress of having to get up and go to work for a living)

 It'll also save you wasting your money on an annual gym membership that will cost you 12 X as much

 And there's a substantial prize for the winner of the challenge



 p.s.  I WILL restore balance to the force

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