F**k Off I’m Stuffed

‘Wehey… It’s the weekend’

But no doubt by now you’re feeling a bit washed up

After all the booze and food over the last week

Or am I the only one

I’ve eaten LOADS over the last week

Actually 2 weeks

I mean I eat a lot anyway

But this would put Mr Creosote to shame with the amount
I’ve shovelled in my pie-hole

Now I have a bit of time off exercise over the
Christmas period

Cos resting is a major part of getting stronger and


If (like I used to be) your life is one… long… rest

Then maybe it’s time to put a bit of the old elbow
grease in

And I’m gonna help you do exactly that

it’ll give both of us the kick up the jacksey we need
in the New Year

It starts on Monday

And is called

The 5 Day Kettlebell Fat Funeral

You get in via this link



p.s. I feel like a Hippo



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