Be The First To Get My New Book

Gonna have to be quick

Cos I haven’t got much time…

I’m currently conkers deep in my new book


” 101 Lard Busting, Endurance Building, BUNS
OF STEEL FORGING Kettlebell Swing Workouts “

This book will completely change the way
you think about working out…

For the better

But it won’t be ready for a while

Which is a shame as there’s already a ‘buzz’ about it…

Which is why I’m giving YOU the opportunity
to see the first draught TODAY

^^^ Yep I know

Exciting innit

All you need to do is

Click on this link

And prepare yourself to get buns of steel


p.s. Don’t mention it though

I haven’t got time right now to deal with
the deluge…




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