Do You Find Gyms Intimidating?

I feel intimidated

^^^ Probably what you think about starting to get
fitter stronger and healthier right

Cos if you didn’t you’d probably already be on that

And guess what

It happens to me too


I actually joined a gym…

I know right

The person who hates gyms had to bite the bullet and
get a membership (because I need access to a barbell
and can’t fit one in my flat)

So when I went for my first session on Monday I
actually felt a bit worried

Cos in November I need to be able to deadlift double my
body weight to pass a certification I am taking

And right now I have ZERO chance of that

So my first deadlift session in OVER THREE YEARS was a
bit of a let down

Cos I haven’t improved at all over that time


I also haven’t lost any strength in this movement

Cos everything else I’ve been doing has maintained my
strength and actually improved my mobility

^^^ The VERY same stuff that I teach my guys who come
to the BKS sessions

And the VERY same stuff I want to teach YOU via my
online program starting on 5 Feb

Of which there are only 9 Spaces left by the way

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See I understand EXACTLY where you’re at right now dude

Cos I used to be in EXACTLY the same place…

Felling flabby and washed up

Sick of seeing the same old holiday photos and being
ashamed of how out of shape I looked…

(A picture of which you can see on the application form
for my online program)

^^^ Along with a picture of Paul who lost 8 stone

So if you want results like these

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p.s. it’s your time dude

But if you’re unsure I Get It

So why not hit reply and tell me why

And I’ll do my best to help you 🙂






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