“I Could Find Any Excuse Under The Sun”

Did a video on the old Farcebook the other

Do a lot of those so check em out…


This one was on procrastination

^^^ And how it can be a good thing sometimes
(yep you heard me right)

See when you’re burnt out



You might make the wrong decisions

^^^ Like keeping doing the same old things
to stop the stress



Eating shit

I Get It dude

Cos I used to do the same

I was described as the pissedest man in the
world at one point

And that’s not even a joke

But it was all cos I was unhappy(but I didn’t
know it)

I wouldn’t own up to it…

Then I got this comment from a fella who was
at the last Bulletproof Mindset

And is now coming to the BKS sessions


” I am world class at procrastination, i could
find any excuse under the sun

” i cant go to the gym im very tired”

” i cant go to the gym as i cant find a towel
that you have to take”,

” i cant go as i dont have new tunes to

last week i felt the same way when i was
knackered and at one point tried to think of
an excuse why i may not be able to come.

Then i thought more about it and realised I
actually enjoy the training and that i’;d
regret it when 7 oclock came about and hadnt

so i just said NO and focused on how much i
enjoyed coming along “


What about you dude?

Are you doing something you actually ENJOY to
get fitter stronger and healthier?

Or are you beating yourself up every chance
you get

Ploughing through just to lose a few pounds

Then giving up when you run out of willpower

^^^ Cos willpower ALWAYS runs out

How do you find something you enjoy though?

Well you have to get out there and look

Or just go here v v v


And I’ll SHOW you how to find what you want

So you stop quitting and become the guy who

Rather than the guy who says he will


p.s. Read that comment again dude

This guy is an inspiration (even though he
has no idea he is)

^^^ But I’ll make sure he realises soon






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