Fellas Over 40 Who Want To Get Back In Shape

This is Sid

We bought him a whole load of toys to play with and his favourite??? 

An egg box 

Not Xbox… EGG box 

We get to eat the contents inside and Sid plays with the package … 

When I say ‘play’ I mean he shreds it to pieces in about 20 seconds… but that doesn’t stop him enjoying it for hours 

It’s kinda similar to your gym 

They have a load of shiny new equipment but all you do is use the treadmill 

Yeah yeah… when someone points out the weights to you, you’ll have a go, they may even give you a little ‘treat’ to entice you (like a freebie training session) 

But as soon as they turn their backs you’re back where it’s comfortable 

Problem is though, just like the Egg Box 

This gets old VERY quickly (and a bit damp if I’m honest)…  

Whereas those other pieces of equipment could actually help you (if only you knew how to use them) 

Now everyone has their favourite bit of kit in the gym 

Mine so happens to be the kettlebell (surprise surprise) 


Well a lot of the other kit, machines and such, are designed for one specific purpose 

Whereas the kettlebell is rather versatile to say the least It’s basically an entire gym in one piece of kit And the added bonus is you don’t even need a gym to use it in 

You can do it pretty much anywhere 

Which is why I have found it to be the best tool for a guy in his 40s who has limited time on his hands 

Who travels a lot (hint: – you can take your kettlebell with you) 

Who doesn’t have the time to get across town to the gym (you can use your kettlebell at home) 

Who has kids to feed (one of the single dads on the 28 day online challenge gets his 3 year old daughter to count his reps while she eats her dinner in her high chair) 

See what I mean about versatility 

Pretty much ANY excuse you come up with as to why you can’t get back in shape is made redundant by the kettlebell’s ability to make this so simple 

And speaking of redundant, if money is your excuse, a kettlebell costs less than your monthly gym membership and will be around long after you’re gone (good value for money that) 

As is my 28 Day Online Challenge which you can use your new found wealth to invest in (and still have money left over) 


Did you see Sid by the way 

He’s gonna be a proper dude… 



p.s.  Sid has just told me that he highly recommends the 28 Day Online Challenge as it means I get to spend more time with him at home 

Well… he said Woof (in a high pitched kinda way)… but if I know my dog speak that’s exactly what he meant 

Or he may have meant ” You there… get me another egg box … and pronto ” 

Hard to tell

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