Feet Like Smashed Pasties

Two Weeks To Go…

Yep … this time in 2 weeks I’ll be 24 hours into my Hadrian’s
Wall walk

If you don’t know about this already I’m walking the whole thing

87 (ish) miles


Why on earth would I do that then?


I keep asking you to do something that challenges you

Namely… start to get in shape

But I realise that it’s a HUGE ask… especially if it’s been a
while since you even thought about doing any meaningful exercise

You may think you’re not fit enough

And I get that because the fellas I train all look like they know
exactly what they’re doing…

^^^ If you’ve seen the videos of them that is… if not then go
have a look… it’s pretty damn impressive


This wasn’t always the case…

Pretty much everyone I train was a TOATAl beginner when they

Some of them didn’t even know what a kettlebell was

I also want to prove to you that the type of training I offer
will carry over to pretty much everything you do…

10 years ago I couldn’t walk 20 miles without getting a sore hip
and a knackered knee

That was when I was 30

Now …. at 41… I’m gonna prove I can walk 87 (ish) miles and
have ZERO joint pain…

Maybe the odd blister on my feet… which will be like smashed
pasties at the end…

But then they’re not gonna get a rest for more than 30 hours…

I was in the same place as you right now dude

I was tired… out of shape…

Couldn’t move well…

Joint pain

But I’ve managed to put all of that behind me and become stronger
than I’ve EVER been

The fellas I train are all experiencing the same feeling

And I want you to know what it feels like too

But first I’m gonna prove that it works

Wish me luck



p.s. If you want to ask me anything the best place to do it is
in the ‘secret’ Farcebook group

==> Bath Kettlebell ‘Secret’ Society





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