“I Feel Rubbish Today”

^^^ That’s what Claire said last week

She was a bit under the weather

So she ‘took it easy’


She just did the 500 Swings

50 of em with a 32kg Bell

75 with a 28kg

125 with a 24kg

250 with a 16kg

^^^ Because she wasn’t feeling at her ‘best’

Now that’s a lot of work

(Calculate it if you like)

Answers in an email to…. ha

But I had to laugh

Cos at the end of the session I asked Claire
if she realised what she’d just done…

I mean you ask any meathead in a gym to do

And they’re gonna struggle

But not Claire

And that’s because she shows up

Even when she feels like she’ll struggle

‘It’s better than sitting at home on the

^^^ Read that in her voice 😉

Now when Claire started in May

After joining the FREE BKS Online Swing

She was swinging an 8kg bell

And getting tired

So that’s some REAL progress

And S T R E N G T H

In a very short space of time

AND when she feel at her weakest

Which is a damn sight stronger than her
strongest used to be…

^^^ Read that again

So if you want to know what this FEELS like

Then get on board the latest

FREE BKS Swing Challenge

Starting on 25 November

^^^ Exactly ONE MONTH before Christmas

So you can start working off the excess
before you get a chance to regret it in the
New Year

When everyone else will be beating themselves
up for letting themselves go for yet another

But not you dude

Cos you’re smarter than that

Well you will be if you click the link below


And get on the free swing challenge


p.s. Imagine how much more turkey you can

and cake

Not to mention mince pies

And eggnog

Ok maybe not eggnog





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