Fancy A Pint

Friend In Pub: Rowing is good for you… it’s low
impact and works every muscle in your body

You: Yeah but I don’t have access to a rowing machine

FIP: They have them in the gym that I joined in
January… you should come along with me some time…
Fancy another pint?

You: Cheers I’ll have a pint of Gem (totally ignoring
the gym comment)

FIP: Got some crisps and mini cheddars too… so yer my
gym lets me bring a friend for a free session

You: Suppose it can’t hurt… shall we do Friday

FIP: can’t do Friday I have back to back meetings…
what about tomorrow morning before work

You: Hmmm… reckon after tonight that’s probably not
gonna happen… Next week?

FIP: I’m away next week… then the week after I have a
presentation to prepare for

You: Do you ever USE this gym membership?

FIP: Yeah… when I have time

You: When was the last time you went?

FIP: Few weeks back… been really busy… your round
by the way

You: OK … same again

FIP: Yep… and get ome pork scratchings and a scotch
egg too…. oh and some nuts

^^^ Little snippet of conversations going on all across
the land

And I know this happens cos it used to be me

But this is the problem with advice and help you get
from friends in the pub…

They’re trying to tell you how to get in shape when
they can’t even be bothered themselves…

Yet you listen to them cos they’re your mate

When all you have to do is ask someone who KNOWS how to
help you get in shape…

i.e.—– ME

So quick questions

What have you tried in the past to get in shape

And why didn’t it work?

Tell me dude and I’ll see what I can do



p.s. Love a scotch egg me





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