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Fancy A Hump?


Apparently Wednesday has a new name…


Now I don’t get much…

So you can imagine how bad I felt when I saw
this hashtag all over Farcebook…

It seems that everyone gets sex…

EVERY Wednesday

Except me…

^^^ Does it count if it’s with yourself?

Cos in that case…



When I found out it meant something
completely different it got me to thinking…

Have you ever noticed how often people go on

According to Farcebook my ‘friends’ go on at
least 4 holidays per year…

And to exotic places too…

All while I’m at home slaving away trying to
make a living…

Gets you down when you see this stuff doesn’t
it dude…

Why should your mates have all the fun…

Thing is though

If you ONLY put the good stuff on

Then anyone who compares their life to yours
is gonna get depressed…

You might not think you do this

But take note of the amount of times you open
up social media in a day…

I bet it’s more than you think…

And it’s contributing to the increase in

Cos you think your life isn’t as glamorous as
everyone else

You actually have to work for a living

^^^ So I would say have a break from social
media for a while…

Turn it off and go have a look at the real
world (which is much nicer)

Get out there and get some exercise

Go for a walk

Get some fresh air

Drink 2l of water a day

Eat well 80% of the time

And get on my Online Lard Buster v v v

Online Challenge

Cos exercise combined with the other things I
just mentioned

Will make you feel a damn site better than
any Farcebook meme ever will


p.s. If you don’t believe me then just check
out the BKS reviews on the business page

Online Challenge






Peter Lant

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