Fancy A Challenge?

So I got a bit of a challenge next month

And the month after as it happens

In June I’m doing the Fandance

Hiking up a mountain with 16kg on my back

^^^ And the training so far has taught me
this is gonna be tough…

But before that

I’m spending a weekend with a Master from

Which is a global strength organisation

I’m re-testing for my level 2

Which will mean nothing to you

But this was a massive challenge for me 2
years ago

I mean huge

But next month

I know I’ll pass

It’s comfortable for me now

Which is why I need a new challenge

Because the more you overcome the more you

And the more you grow the more you can

See how this works dude?

So what about you

Do you challenge yourself?

If not why not?

Are you happy just working weekdays and
drinking weekends?

Or have you done that for long enough now?

If you’ve had enough of that cycle then I
have just the thing

Right here v v v


p.s. It’s cool if you don’t want to accept
this challenge by the way

It’s not for everyone

But if you don’t please make me a promise

You will do SOMETHING





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