You Failed… Bad Boy

I used to think failure was a bad thing

Then I realised something

Something my coach goes on about a lot

Something I have done my whole life

^^^ I knew I was doing it

But still kept on lying to myself

And you probably do the same

In fact I can almost guarantee that you do

Cos everyone does

See we’ve ALL failed at something or other

And when I became ok with it I’ve failed many
times over

The only difference is I’ve actually learned
from these mistakes


–> I didn’t fail in private

Let me explain

See when you set a goal

But tell no-one

Then if you fail it doesn’t matter

Nobody knows you’ve failed

Except you

Which is when your ego will help you out

And tell you it’s ok

You keep it to yourself and nothing changes

This is why I tell EVERYONE about my goals…

Cos if I fail then EVERYONE gets to see that
I have (which makes me more determined to
learn form it)

Not to mention more fired up to prove to
myself that I am capable of growing


Stretching myself to become better

So what about you dude?

You prepared to fail?

If so then crack on the way you are cos it
seems to be working so far


You could keep yourself accountable

By joining a group of fellas who’re all there
to make sure you do what you said you would

To make sure you put in the work

^^^ Cos that’s when you succeed

Especially when those fellas have all been
where you’re at right now

So they know the process works

Even though they’ve all wanted to quit at
some point

^^^ But didn’t cos they were kept accountable

And the other fellas wouldn’t let that happen

Do you get what I’m talking about?

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