Are You On Facebook?

I’m about to go on a tiny rant…

No doubt you’re on social media (if you’re not… good on you)

I’ve only been a member of this world for a small number of years
but find it a necessary evil as it’s a cool way to get across the
ethos of how BKS works

But I probably see a load of stuff that you (hopefully) don’t

There are a lot of folk out there who think that a quick quote
from Buddha is gonna make em sound ‘Soooo Deeeeep’

Folk who think a couple of motivational quotes are all you need
to have a ‘Happy Life’

Oh… and by the way… a ‘Happy Life’ can ONLY be achieved if
you get yourself in shape (or is that just a load of old pony?)

^^^ I think I already know the answer to that one 😉

This is why I don’t post such ‘motivational’ stuff

I just post a few bits and pieces showing how much the guys enjoy
what we do here…

How they all get on together (supporting each other)

I also post the odd video snippet of myself talking about this
and that (not to ‘motivate’ you by the way)

^^^ Those videos are designed to help YOU think about how YOU can
get back in shape (maybe using me to help you… maybe not)

Just as long as it plants a seed of thought in your noggin I’m

See all of the ‘Motivational’ folk are only really talking to
themselves (on the days they post this stuff they’re probably not
feeling at their best)

So they need to give themselves a likkle ‘pep talk’ and think YOU
need the same

The videos I post are no different in the sense that I’m talking
to myself…

However, I don’t just try to dish out a few snippets based on
what you might want to hear

I talk about what works for me and the fellas here at BKS as well
as the folk on the STRONG DAD Online program

I do this in the hope that you may find a few ideas as to what
you can do to help yourself since the fellas an I have all been
in the same position as you are right now

These are the shorter one minute posts… soundbites you could
call em…

They’re pulled from the longer videos I do in the Free group
which you can become a part of here v v v

==> Free BKS Accountability Community

The videos in there go a bit deeper into HOW you can apply the
principles I have used to get hundreds of fellas in shape (and
you can also ask me any questions you like and I’ll get right
back to you)

Along with that I sometimes post some self-indulgent stuff that
makes ME feel good… just because

And then there’s the stuff that I find funny… Which is pretty
much everything




p.s. I find farts especially funny… but I don’t post those





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