Some F R E E Advice

So every day

For the last few years

I’ve invited you to do something…

Anything to get started becoming healthier
fitter and stronger

I’ve given you free programs

Free workouts

Simple to follow nutrition advice

Like 2L of water every day

2 Palms of protein

2 thumbs of fat

2 Fists of carbs

And a ton of veg with every meal

So what have you done with all of this free


Thought so

See it’s worth exactly what you paid for it


That’s not to say ot doesn’t work

Cos it does

I have a bunch of guys who are testament to

But the difference between




Is that they have ‘skin in the game’

If they don’t do anything with this valuable

They waste their money

^^^ Which you can do in any gym by the way my

And probably are right now

But you don’t want that do you dude

You HATE wasting money

Which is why spending it on something

Something that pays you back by actually
making you stronger fitter and healthier

Something that is GUARANTEED to get you
results (or your money back)

Is waaay more rewarding than giving it to
some company that couldn’t care less if you
get results or not

Just as long as they keep their numbers up

But that’s not how we work here my friend…

We keep our numbers low

So YOU get the attention you deserve

You get called by your name (cos you’re not
just a statistic)

You get personalised help

You become PART of the crew

Which is why we only open up a limited number
of spaces at a time…

So on Mon 14 August

We will be starting FIVE new fellas

THREE of which have already stepped up

You wanna be one of the final two?

If so then click the link

Before someone else beats you to it

CLICK HERE to get your FREE blueprint so you can start getting stronger TODAY


p.s. It may be too late already





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