Ever feel like you’re getting nowhere?

You seem to be doing all of the right things…

But you just can’t get the results you’re looking for

^^^ That’s pretty much what most fellas feel like about
their gym memberships (it’s how I used to feel about

Even if you do get a chance to go most days you still
struggle to lose weight

You still struggle to get stronger

Which is when that little voice in your head starts to
question whether this is all worth it

And that voice gets louder…

And louder

Until it becomes impossible to ignore

(Especially if you workout on your own)

That’s why my programs are based around groups of

It’s way easier to ignore that little voice when you
have the support of other fellas just like you…

Check out this latest review for BKS

“I needed a change from my normal gym routine. I find I
can stick with it in the summer but I lack the ability
to push myself to go in the winter… so what did I
choose to do instead? Sign up to do Kettlebells in the
middle of winter in the park! But because i’ve signed
up and I know someone is turning up to train me in all
weathers it makes me go. The exercises are hard but
it’s all planned to suit your abilities. I wasn’t new
to Kettlebells as i’d worked with them as part of a
bootcamp but I had never picked up let alone swung the
weights I am now capable of after just 8 weeks!”

^^^ More progress in 8 weeks than in the last few years

So if you’re stuck right now

If you’re NOT getting stronger

If you’re struggling with that little bit of doubt

It might just be time to find a bunch of fellas who
know how that feels

The next 14 day trial starts on 9 April

There were 5 spaces up for grabs

But one has already gone

So if you want to get in shape before you head off on
your hols in a few months

It’s probably best to start NOW

Rather than waiting until 3 weeks before you go (which
will be too late)

That way you won’t have to buy a new pair of Speedos…

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p.s. It’s getting warmer too

So you can’t use the winter as an excuse any more






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