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Ever Fallen Off The Wagon?

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A full English Breakfast

Beer & Pizza

Burger and Chips

More beer


A Scone with LOADS of clotted cream

and butter

& Jam


Chocolate gateau

Sunday lunch

And a warm chocolate brownie

That was pretty much what I ate over the past

Not exactly what you’d call ‘healthy’ right

And for most of us that would be enough to be
thought of as

–> Falling off the wagon

And that’s when you’re most likely to just


And give up even trying to lose weight

Cos that lot is pretty much gonna stick to
your ribs for the rest of your days right…

And that’s what most of us think dude

You’re not on your own there

But the difference I made was to just get
straight back on the cart again…

So yesterday I ate well

I did some exercise

And put all of that behind me…

(and today I feel like it never happened)

See it’s all too easy to just think you lack
the motivation to get in shape

Especially when you like to have a bit of
‘fun’ here and there

And let’s face it

If you’re out drinking 8 pints a night then
it’s not gonna be easy right

(but you already know this)


If you just tell yourself it’s ok

We all have a little bit of a ‘wobble’ here
and there

And as long as you are cool with that

And don’t let it drag you back into lethargy


And I’m gonna show you how to make this

Every time

On 31 October at 8pm

At my Free Online Training Event:

How To Lose A Ton Of Lard Without Having To
Join A Gym (with as little as 20 mins per
day) – And ZERO Dieting

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p.s. Tomorrow I’ll let you in on a little
secret about some of the fellas who come to







Peter Lant

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