Ever Been To Guernsey?

Ever been to Guernsey

lovely place

But weird

They got a picture of the Queen on their own

‘cept it just looks like they whacked a tiara
on some random lookylikey

The other weird thing is their number plates
for their cars

They’re actually ALL numbers

No letters (apart from the governor)…


I asked about ‘personal’ number plates

And people still pay up for these…

^^^ Ones that are all numbers

They’ll pay up for their date of birth

Or three digit numbers

Or the number of digits they have on their
hands and feet (which can differ hugely)

^^^ Sorry Geurns

–> Ludicrous right

See people value this stuff…

Which astounds me

Especially when you can walk around the whole
island in about 5 minutes

But I hear about stuff like this all of the

Excuses as to why you haven’t got enough
money to spend on your health and fitness

Cos you got all of this other shit to buy
that you don’t need

To impress a bunch of people you don’t like

I used to do the same

Until I nearly coughed up a lung the first
time I went to the gym

^^^ Seriously

I did 8 minutes on the rower and nearly
passed out

Which made me value my health differently

So I started to invest in feeling better

Which made me look better

I got stronger



And I feel better at 40 than I’ve EVER felt

^^^ Sounds a bit wanky but it’s true

And I want to prove that I can do the same
for you

Right here

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p.s. The phone boxes are yellow on Guernsey


And they still have pound notes





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