Dr Feelgood

Went to see Wilko Johnson on Thursday night


This guy is 70 and he still struts around on stage like a ninja

^^^ And he’s a cancer survivor too

He was diagnosed with terminal cancer back in 2013 … so he did
a fare well tour

I was gonna go but I was away at the time so couldn’t make it…

I thought I’d missed my last chance to see this fella

But in 2014 he was “cancer free”

He’d had a second opinion and was told his tumour was able to be

And thanks to that I got to see him perform…


Just because someone tells you something can’t be done

Just when you think you’ve had your last chance

Usually when you’re ready to give up

That’s usually about the time the solution appears

One of my online students said it last week

“When the time is right the coach will appear”

It may not be the right time for you…

Maybe you just need a bit longer to get your head together about
getting in shape

And thats cool

You have some time before I open up the BKS ‘live’ sessions again

There are only FIVE BKS membership spots left by the way

So if you want in you’d best be ready when I announce the 14 day
trial (which will be starting at the beginning of June)

If that doesn’t work for you though then the STRONG DAD Online
Program will be kicking off again soon after that…

It’s progress photo time for the guys who started at the
beginning of February and the ones that are through already have
shown how much hard work has gone into this program


If you’re not quite ready yet

Or even if you are

The best place to be is the ‘Secret’ Farcebook group

It’s totally FREE and you can ask me anything in there (the stork
delivers them by the way)… just in case that was your question

It’s also where I will FIRST announce when the spots open for the
new wave of programs

==> Bath Kettlebell ‘Secret’ Society

^^^ Just click that to get access



p.s. If you get a chance to see Wilko…




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