She Doubled Her Weight In A Week

What’s happening in there?…

I am of course talking about…

The May swing challenge…

This would be the FREE group I’m running for
the Month Of May

And everyone in there is progressing

One young lady

We’ll call her Claire (cos that’s her name)

She joined the latest 14 day trial (cos she
could already feel the progress of doing
swings every day)

She started out at the beginning of this
month swinging and 8kg bell

She came to a session

We tweaked a few things here and there…

And by Friday she was able to do 100 swings

With a 16kg Bell

^^^ Amazing right…

And all it took was for her to have the
confidence that she was doing it right

Now obviously I realise that not everyone can
join me and my badass group in the park

Which is why I put together my Online Program

To allow you to be part of BKS

And get similar results

Without even having to leave the house

Check it out right here

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p.s. Or you can just keep on Guessing what
to do






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