Don’t Read If You’re Easily Offended

“I REALLY want to do this”

“I’ve had a couple of health scares so now is
definitely the time”

Problem is though

I don’t have the time

I mean I am REALLY REALLY (that’s two reallys)
committed to getting back in shape

If only to stop me from becoming diabetic

But I also want to be able to move without pain (or
getting out of breath)

It’s actually quite embarrassing when I can’t keep up
with people … even just walking down the street

I feel like an old man

It’s now or never… I’m so up for this …

^^^ That up there is the type of thing I hear A LOT…

It’s what makes me want to work with fellas (cos I know
how bad it is to feel rubbish most of the time)

Emotionally and physically

Having mini break downs cos you’re frustrated about
your health

You’re not the only one dude

That word COMMITMENT though… I’m committed to getting
fitter and healthier

What fellas usually mean by that is I want the outcome
without having to do ANYTHING

Which is obviously not gonna happen

Your current lifestyle will tell you what you are MOST
committed to (and it won’t lie even if you tell
yourself porkies)

Fellas tell me they’re committed to giving their kids
the best lifestyle they can (yet spend hardly any time
with them because they are working ludicrous hours to
give the kids everything they want)

When all they actually want is to see you more often

So when someone tells me they want to get back in shape
but have NO TIME to do it

That means the commitment certainly IS NOT there
(otherwise you would already be on it)

No I can’t force you to commit

But I can help you by showing what to do based on your
current fitness

The fellas on the STRONG DAD program have had some set

A couple of them weren’t sure they could do it (that
was a couple of weeks ago)

But once I talked to them about the ‘Drift’ that I
mentioned the other day

Once I explained that we are setting a foundation to
build upon

And once they’ve gotten over these initial struggles
then they will be way more able to continue and start
to see the potential of what’s possible

^^^ They’re now starting to ‘feel’ what I was talking

One has gone from pure frustration … to feeling more
confident while consistently surprised at how strong he

Which gives me a little warm glow inside (like the
Ready Brek kid)… which is good when it’s as baltic as
it is right now

Now you might think the STRONG DAD program is for you

You’re probably thinking it’s just as simple as signing
up… and doing nothing else

But it’s not

You have to make some time (not much… 30 mins 3 times
a week for starters)

So if you can’t do that then I’m afraid I can’t help
you (and quite frankly no-one will be able to… if
they say they can they’re lying)

If that IS what you think then it’s probably best to
just unsubscribe cos I don’t want to waste your time
(which you seem to have VERY little of)


If you’re actually committed to getting fitter stronger
and healthier (and I mean committed)

Cos I don’t work with just anyone… this is a big
commitment for both of us and my time is also valuable
(which is why there’s an application process)

So if you’re ready

Then I’m ready

==> APPLY to be a STRONG DAD



p.s. Applications close on THURSDAY…

If you don’t know now then when will you know?




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