Don’t Be Fooled (It’s Not True)

They’re everywhere

Even on my telly…

See I watched this ‘documentary’ the other night

Called ‘What The Health’

And it made some BOLD claims…

Mainly that Meat is really bad for you and EVERYONE
should be vegan…

^^^ I know right (imagine the smell)…

There were several interviews with folk who’d switched
to veganism because of health reasons (with some
outstanding results as it happens)

There was one lady with dangerously high (life
threatening) blood pressure who managed to come off all
medication by changing her diet

So erm yer… it works

Of course it does

But does it mean EVERYONE has to be vegan to avoid
being on medication…

Certainly not

And I can PROVE it…

Cos one of the fellas here at BKS was on Blood Pressure

He was also on a lot of other stuff (12 pills a day)

And now…

He’s on ONE PILL per day

His blood pressure is back to normal (from dangerously

And guess what…

He eats MEAT…

So if you’re seeing all of this extreme stuff out

If you think you have to make ludicrously dramatic
changes to your diet to get in shape

And to BE HEALTHY (which is all you really want)

Cos everything else that goes with being healthy FEELS

(Without having to give up everything that could be
considered unhealthy)

Cos that would be frickin boring quite frankly…

Then I can definitely help you

But only if you’ll let me…

Now fortunately for you there’s still ONE spot
available to start on Monday

You’ll even get to meet the fella I was on about

Cos even though he feels in the best shape of his life

He STILL wants to be a part of BKS and help others do
what he’s done…

So if you want to FINALLY get in shape…

And give yourself a sporting chance of living to a ripe
old age (without losing your marbles)

Then hit the link below and apply (and check out the picture)

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p.s. How you finding the 5 Day Fat Funeral?





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