Do Your Kids Want You To Be Fitter?

You may have noticed this already

But There’s something that’s been concerning me over the last few

The Obesity Crisis

Now you may be a statistic in this… you may not

I certainly used to be when I was a few stone heavier

Some of the fellas I’ve worked with were… some still are …
but we’ll keep on working at this until they’re HAPPY

You may be slightly over-weight

You may be in shape

I Don’t really care about WHAT you look like

I care about HOW YOU FEEL about it

I still struggle with how I look at times (when I put a few
pounds on after a heavy weekend and my jeans get a bit tighter)

But if I could have looked like I do now 10 years ago I would
have jumped at the chance

Cos I was your typical early 30s drink and smoke as much as I

Eat what I like

And worry about it all in the future (when it’s too late)

Fortunately I saw sense by my mid 30s and started to do turn
things around… but it still took some time after that

Which is why I want to help you SAVE time so you stop making the
same mistakes I did

Like doing a ton of cardio to burn off that pizza you had on
Saturday night

Lifting the odd weight here and there until your shoulder gives
out again

Resting your back once a week cos you tweaked it again

Turning up at the gym with no clue what you’re going to do
today… maybe a warm up on the treadmill and some physical jerks
(then hit the sauna)

This stuff will all get you to a certain point (probably where
you’re at right now)

But it certainly won’t get you back in the shape you want to be
(unless you have HOURS to spare to fit it all in)

Which you don’t

This is why I designed the STRONG DAD Online Program with you in

There’s no need for a gym membership (you can do it all at
home… or even better… in the garden in the sun)

If you can only spare 20 mins per day then I can design you a
program that will STILL get you in shape in that time

You can still eat your favourite foods (and carbs are still on
the menu)

If you have injury issues we can work around those (there’s
always something you can be doing)

You can even turn some of the sessions into a competition with
the kids to get them involved with you (how much would they love

It’s all designed to fit around YOUR busy schedule my man

And that’s why it’s so effective

It’s a simple as clicking the link below and applying

==> Apply to be a STRONG DAD

There’s no obligation to do anything so you have nothing to lose



p.s. Have a plank off with the kids and see who wins 😉





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