Do You Know Dave?

Things are hotting up…

Although it’s still frickin’ freezing outside
as I write this

Looking at a bloke in a high vis jacket and a
hard hat sanding my back door

^^^ Literally not figuratively

I shall let your dirty mind do with that what
it will…


I thought I’d let the fellas speak for
themselves again…

Cos while I can bang on about how Bulletproof
Mindset works

I’ve been doing this stuff for a long time
now (and will continue to as long as it
serves to keep me from going mental)

I understand that you might think it’s gonna
be too hard for you

You’re not gonna be ready

So here’s what Dave had to say (after the last
one day Bulletproof Mindset event)


“The Bulletproof Mindset session provided an
excellent and welcome opportunity to review
your personal and current thinking and how
one approaches setting goals to enhance your
relationship with your



professional life,

fitness and health and

most of all you.

The seminar I attended created space and time
for something that we often forget about….

thinking about how and why we do things and
our approach to achieving goals associated
with this.

I took away a lot of value that could be
applied immediately in my life,

and would recommend it to anyone who is
reviewing where their life currently is and
looking to the future.”


He’s now on the Bulletproof program…

So you can imagine what’s happened for him in
the last few weeks

Or you can ask him yourself here v v v

And then book your spot on the next One Day Event

Here v v v

Which is exactly what Ben Hilton did

See you on 8 April Ben


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