Do This Today

Here’s a few things you can do to help you
get back in shape

They’re pretty simple

And you might not believe that they will help

But I know from experience

That they do


Here goes

1) Drink 2l of water per day (simple)

2) Eat 2 palms of protein, 2 fists of
vegetables, and 2 thumbs of fat per meal

3) Go to bed earlier (the more hours you
sleep BEFORE midnight the better you will


It may sound too good to be true

But this will make you feel pretty damn good

Thing is though

You probably won’t do this

Mainly because you feel like you’re doing it
on your own

So I got a suggestion for you

To help you realise that it’s not just YOU
who struggles with this stuff

In fact I don’t know of ANYONE who doesn’t

^^^ True story

If you want to find out how I know this

It’s because I put a group of fellas together
who all share YOUR struggle

And want to help you get back in shape

Like they did

And they’re all part of

Bath Kettlebell ‘Secret’ Society

Which you can become a part of

If you get my emails

Which you do by clicking the link below



p.s See you in there dude





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